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What is kimono called?

by Umair Nazaqat 23 Sep 2023 0 comments
What is kimono called?

A kimono is an old-style and national Japanese dress. The shape of this dress is wrapped in front with a square. Usually, it is worn or wrapped on the left side of the body.

The traditional style of wearing the Kimono dress is sash and accessories such as sandals and socks are used. Typically, it is completed from a long, thin rod of cloth known as a Tanmono. Different kinds of kimono are popular among ladies, men, and children. It is available in the market both for formal and informal times.

History of Kimono

The history of the kimono is firmly attached to the Heian period (794-1185). It was the time when the nobility of Japan included a characteristic style of clothing. Primarily, kimonos are used for the summer season and events. It is used for something other than daily use.

Types of Kimonos

There are two types of kimono dresses

  • Formal
  • Informal

Formal Type of Kimonos

They are worn at funerals, weddings, advancements, and other formal events. However, the more formal types of kimonos are geisha and maiko.

Informal type of Kimono

Rikishi or Sumo, famous wrestlers, wore kimonos at all times in public. It has experienced a number of renewals in the last decades, and still, it is worn as fashionable clothing in Japan.

Despite the low number of people who wear kimonos regularly and the garment's reputation as a complicated article of clothing, the kimono has experienced a number of renewals in previous decades and is still worn today as fashionable clothing in Japan.

Are Kimonos still trendy?

Indeed, Kimonos are still trendy not only in Japan but also in many other areas near Japan. 

Arta Asiatica has a great collection of Kimonos for all types of occasions, and it is the most famous website that has got a high rank in the world of Google.

Kimono Shirts for Women

No doubt, the Kimono shirts is equally famous for men and women, but women mostly like it. Women's choice is mainly preferred because of their high demand for different shades of clothes. Dress designers also like to experience new shades because, in this way, they get more profit from their clients and boost their talent. Still, many ladies need clarification and want to know what a kimono is called. So, for their ease, pictures of all Kimonos are displayed online and in physical stores to get a clear idea about Kimonos.

Clothing Code of Kimono

The Yoro clothing code of Kimono was introduced in 718 CE, which limited all robes to the front with the left to proper closure. Usually, in the past, people put a keyword, what is Kimono called, to find its design, but nowadays, it is searched by the use of specified code.

Choice of Komono for upper class

Designs and dresses Kimimonos used for the upper class are simple and easy to wear not only in Japan but also all over the world, and it was vastly appreciated in the Heian period. Narrow sleeves with a long top to cover the fingers are also appreciated by the upper class, but it is in more demand to cover the entire body. After the regular demand of this article, there was no more question about what a Kimono is called.

Final words about what is Kimono called

It is a traditional Japanese costume that both men and women equally adore. It is available in the market in different shades and sizes, both for the upper and lower classes. It is also available in different layers and is also considered for underwear. Its short and long-form is available in stores, and it reflects the Ado culture and significantly break the demand for other dress styles, especially in Japan.

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