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New Born Modern Japanese Fashion Brand

by Arta Asiatica Admin 27 Mar 2020 0 comments
New Born Modern Japanese Fashion Brand

 Konnichiwa everyone ♥ Arta Asiatica here!

 We have finally launched our online shop this spring and we are excited to share the beauty of Japanese art through fashion. It took us a year to make this our idea into a reality and we are very thankful for all our community.

Modern Japanese Fashion Brand

  Have you heard of Yamato Nadeshiko (大和撫子)? If you love the women's Japanese soccer team perhaps you might have heard of it. Yamato Nadeshiko is a personification of an idealized Japanese woman. Nadeshiko is a flower (Dianthus) that symbolizes "the epitome of pure feminine beauty". She is a delicate, gentle, clever and strong woman, which is our main concept in making our modern Japanese fashion brand.

 We love to maintain and spread the beauty of Japanese art while bringing you something new and fresh that you would love to share with your friends. For example, the Kimono, a traditional Japanese fashion piece that was worn on a daily basis. We remade antique Kimono fabrics to clothing and hair accessories. We put a lot of our time in selecting these beautiful materials that have evolved into unique and fascinating fabrics, even before we even start production.

 Fashion is an art and form of expression. You are the canvas and every day you get to create your look that affects how you feel. In this busy world, it can be challenging to catch up with the trend but we love to bring you timeless pieces that you can enjoy for a long time because we believe in sustainability and local production. Whether you want to step out of your comfort zone or want to own pieces to make your expression, we make sure you can find a piece that lets your personality shine through.

Supporting Local Artisans

 There are many different types of craftwork and traditional art can still be found throughout Japan. We support and respect local artisans with different specialties such as in craft and design who work diligently every day to hone their skills. We love collaborating with local artisans and we will be offering more exciting pieces that add a touch of class to your enjoyment of fashion. These are all high-quality pieces that you can't really experience from mass-production pieces. 

 We are committed to making sustainable, versatile, and thoughtfully designed pieces that are good for both you and artisans. Mass production has given a massive impact in the fashion industry. Big companies and governments are not really open to what has been happening within their industry. How it affected our environment or what workers have to go through in order for business leaders to earn a lot by selling fashion pieces at a very low price. You might have heard it happening in third world countries.

 In fact, Japanese artisans face a difficult time to pursue their careers as people choose these cheap mass production products over high-quality products. We hope that someday fashion can be enjoyed by anyone without these consequences. We started collaborating with artisans because we want to spread awareness of ethical fashion as well. Hopefully, someday we can do more collaboration with different artisans not only in Japan but in other countries.

 Fashion For A Cause

 It's good to be blessed. It's better to be a blessing.

 Me as the writer of this blog and the owner of Arta Asiatica, it has been a dream to be able to build a business that can drive an impact on someone's life. I have lived in the Philippines and studied in Indonesia before, and I have always wanted to help. I have seen many kids struggle with poverty and can't go to school. It is just a heartbreaking experience. While in Japan, we have a compulsory education system and literacy rate here is very high (over 99%). 

 I started doing charity events by selling my handmade soy candles. That is also how I found my love in handmade crafting and the possibility of making a business that helps people.

 Whether you are looking for a gift here for someone special or for yourself, your purchase will support Roomtoread to help children in developing countries, allowing them to focus on literacy in a gender equality environment and reach their full potential to contribute to their community and the world. 

 Arigato for reading this! We hope you stay safe and healthy ♥ Please join our community and get your 5$ gift card for your purchase. Click here🎵





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